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Hot Topic Webinar Series

The ANPT Practice Committee and Online Education Committee have created webinar series to present live sessions on a variety of topics. Each webinar is recorded and can be found on the ANPT Synapse Education Center.

Upcoming Webinars:

Functional Movement Disorders - Physical Therapy Assessment and Treatment

2 part Webinar Series

The May 10th webinar will posted on the ANPT Education Center after May 12th.

RESCHEDULED: The May 18th webinar has been reschedule for Monday, May 23rd. You can still register to attend through this link.


Julie Hershberg, PT, DPT, NCS and Chelsea Richardson PT, DPT, NCS present on one of the most challenging yet increasingly prevalent conditions is functional movement disorder (FMD). Historically termed psychogenic or conversion disorder, FMD remains incompletely understood and is often underdiagnosed. Emerging evidence and clinical management approaches can provide insight into underlying mechanisms and efficacy for functional improvement. In this session, speakers will reveal what is known about FMD in the literature, including the underlying neuroscience as well as treatment. This webinar series will be presented in two parts:

Part 1 May 10th will focus on assessment of individuals with functional movement disorders;

Part 2 May 18th will focus on intervention strategies for management of functional movement disorders.

Case studies will be utilized to demonstrate a multitude of practical skills, including task management, interviewing techniques, lifestyle modification, cues, and motor learning strategies to enable every attendee the opportunity for success treating people with FMD. The speakers will debunk the debilitating myth that people often hear, that "it is all in your head," and instead empower clinicians to listen and help guide positive changes in the lives of people with FMD.”

Learning Objectives:

Part One on May 10th

  • Define Functional movement disorders
  • Understand the prevalence and pathophysiology of functional movement disorders
  • Identify the diagnostic criteria and differential diagnosis of FMD. 
  • Perform a thorough PT assessment for FMD 

Part Two on May 18

  • Understand key treatment principles for neuroplasticity in FMD.
  • Apply the evidence for and principles of PT treatment in functional movement disorder cases
  • Identify and problem solve team based referral and collaboration with psychology, neurology and occupational therapy.

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