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July 2021: Racial Disparities in Stroke 

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June 2020: Intensity Matters Campaign

May 2020: COVID and Stroke

April 2020: Core Outcome Measures

March 2020: CSM Recap

February 2020: Advocacy

January 2020: Shoulder Subluxation

December 2019: Predicting Recovery from Stroke

November 2019: Constraint Induced Movement Therapy

October 2019: Shared Decision Making

September 2019: Compensation vs. Recovery

August 2019: Medical Management

July 2019:Chronic Stroke Management

June 2019:Balance and Falls

May 2019:Wellness

April 2019: Caregiver Burden

March 2019: Vision Loss in Stroke

January 2019: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

December 2018: Contraversive Pushing

November 2018: Knowledge Translation

September and October 2018: Outcome measures

*Please note that the Practice Committee’s Knowledge Translation Task Force for the Core Measures Clinical Practice Guideline is developing instructional videos for each of the six Core Measures. Please check back for the videos, coming this Spring

August 2018: CLINICAL PRACTICE GUIDELINES: Core set of outcome measures for Adults with Neurologic Conditions

July 2018: Spasticity

June 2018: Early mobilization

May 2018: Neglect

April 2018: Neuroplasticity

January 2018: Apraxia

Stroke and NUTRITION

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