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Daemen College Wins 2019 Fall Prevention Challenge

The second annual fall prevention challenge video contest has wrapped up with Daemen College winning for 2019 The ANPT Balance & Falls SIG sponsored a student video contest in concert with National Fall Prevention & Awareness Day, which is the first day of Fall each year. The contest was to create a video to answer one of the following questions: How do physical therapists decrease injurious falls within the community?  What are some patient education techniques that you have used in the clinic to prevent falls? What are some novel treatment techniques that you have utilized in the clinic to prevent falls?

UNMC Wins 2018 Balance & Falls Video Challenge

The University of Nebraska Medical Center won the 2018 Balance & Falls SIG video challenge with their submission of Rolling Up Fears of Falls. The students discussed the aspects of falling in older adults and selected the fear of falling as the focus for their video. The students were inspired by their professors Dr. Katherine Jones who has dedicated her career to fall prevention in rural Nebraska hospitals, along with Dr. Dawn Venema who has also played a key roll in our learning about all aspects of falls and how to prevent them. 

UNMC has been awarded $500 to put toward students attending conferences to advance their learning. The students who participated in the project are: Alex Eilers, Jonathan Freeman, Halle Hart, Emilie Hicks, Dana McKenzie, Margaret Morehouse, Morgan Olson Newman and Nicole Potthoff.

Other BFSIG Leadership Actions for your Review:

  • A 2017 member survey was completed.  Here is what you told us:
    • You provide evidence based information to patients, clients, and family caregivers on a daily basis
    • You are interested in EBP falls patient information that can be printed and explained easily in the clinic
    • You want updated EBP that is quickly accessible (the next sections has these links!)
    • You are very interested in EBP to identify fall risk and to prevent falls  
  • Congratulations to the winners of the $50 survey participation drawing!  Nancy Davis , PT, MS, DPT of New Hampshire, Lori Thompson, PT, DPT of Arizona, Alison Brophy-Cummings, PT of New Hampshire, and Kathleen Mahoney, PT, DPT of Massachusetts. 
  • In 2017, your BFSIG leaders worked to establish the Interprofessional Fall Prevention Coalition to best steward resources and effort in shared aims of falls prevention.  The interprofessional fall prevention coalition was founded with colleagues from the Geriatric BFSIG, AOTA, ACRM, and NCOA.  
  • We supported a social media Facebook live broadcast using Twitter and Facebook in late July that featured a review of NCOA evidence-based resources for fall prevention and intervention. 
  • We established the CSM 2018 Poster Award for falls content.  We are reviewing submissions and evaluating the posters prior to CSM in order to award 3 winners based upon scientific merit and relevance to practice during the Myelin Melter Business Meeting.
  • We communicate monthly updates to our Neuro SIG liaison, Aimee Perron, She has done an excellent job of promoting our initiatives to a larger segment of the membership on a monthly basis.
  • We promoted ANPT BFSIG aims with the APTA NEXT Conference and the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine (ACRM).  A cross-cutting symposium on balance and falls screening that discusses stroke and cancer population considerations of the guideline is in development

A selection of recent Guidelines and Evidence on Falls Prevention 






Policy Driving APTA, NIH and CDC Fall Resources:

APTA Balance and Falls Resource page:


2017 Draft Fall Intervention Guideline Update from the US Prevention Task Force (USPTF)
– BFSIG leadership and our Balance and Falls Coalition collaborators sent feedback during the response window.  The draft recommendations: 1) reinforced the level B evidence recommendation that at risk, community dwelling adults receive exercise to prevent falls; 2) Gave level C recommendations for screening of falls selectively based upon “the balance of benefits and harms based on the circumstances of prior falls, presence of comorbid medical conditions, and the patient’s values and preferences.”; and 3) gave level D recommendations –recommending against Vitamin D supplement for fall prevention in this population.



USPTF Fall Intervention Guidelines (2012).  Guidelines for Prevention of Falls in Community Dwelling Older Adults.


American Academy of Family Physicians (2012). Fall Prevention in Older Adults


Stevens, J. A. (2010). A CDC compendium of effective fall interventions: What works for community-dwelling older adults?


National Institute on Aging. US Department of Health & Human Services.  Prevent Falls and Fractures
  • Don’t see something new that you use for in your fall prevention practice?  Send a note and link to add to the conversation!  We are especially interested in neurologic population evidence for falls prevention. Links above were accessed and are verified as of 3/20/19.

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