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Stroke SIG Student Corner

We look forward to sharing content with you and working with you during your student career. Please review the objectives of the group below, as well as watching this short video regarding our group's purpose. 

The objectives of this group are the following:

  • Provide resources and materials about rehabilitation management of individuals post-stroke for student learners.
  • Provide a platform for student learners to develop clinical skills related to rehabilitation management of individuals post-stroke.
  • Provide a platform for student learners to ask questions and seek feedback about rehabilitation management of individuals post-stroke.

Student Corner Liaisons

  • Jacob Striejewske
  • Lynn Johnson
  • Kayla Harris
  • Cicely Fabiano

Please use the online form below to send questions you would like answered to the Stroke SIG STUDENT CORNER LIAISONS. The goal of this platform is to provide a resource for students to ask questions they may have about Stroke Rehabilitation. Questions will be screened by the STUDENT CORNER LIAISONS. Questions will be used to guide future posts on this webpage. Questions will be answered by the Stroke clinical experts and a response will be posted on this webpage. 

We will keep your name anonymous on the webpage posting; however, we request that you complete the following information when submitting the “question(s) of interest”. This is requested in case we need to contact you to clarify a question.

Student Educational Resource Videos 




Episode 1: Dr. Heather Hayes and DPT Student, Lynn Johnson - Gait Impairments Post Stroke 

  • Dr. Hayes and Ms. Johnson discuss the gait impairments of a woman post-stroke.  Using the Ranchos Los Amigos Gait Analysis format, impairments are identified and a treatment plan is formed.  

Episode 2: Dr. Heather Hayes and DPT Student, Jacob Striejewske - Examination Post Stroke Impairments

  • Dr. Hayes and Mr. Striejewske continue the discussion about the patient in episode 1.  This discussion focuses on the assessment of impairments. 

Episode 3:Dr. Heather Hayes and DPT Student Jacob Striejewske - Examination Post Stroke - Outcomes Assessment

Episode 4: Dr. Heather Hayes and DPT student, Kylie Roberts - AFO Clinical Practice Guidelines Post-Stroke

  • Dr. Hayes and Ms. Roberts discuss how to use the AFO CPG post-stroke in clinical practice given a patient case study example



Episode 1: Dr. Heather Hayes - Falls and Fatigue

  • Dr. Hayes discusses the fear of falling and post-stroke fatigue  

Episode 2: Dr. Marissa Moran - Outcome Measures 

  • Dr. Moran discusses diagnoses and tests she 'wished she knew' more in her early practice 

Episode 3: Dr. Rachel Prusynski and Dr. Kiersten McCartney - DPT to PhD 

  • PhD Candidates Dr. Prusynski and Dr. McCartney discuss their respective paths into PhD programs 

Episode 4: Student Corner Question: Aphasia

  • Dr. Marissa Moran answers a student question about how best to communicate with patients with aphasia

*The content in the videos is intended for professional educational purposes only. 

For additional content related to the all the discussions above please visit the following Clinical Practice Guidelines: 


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