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Core Set of Outcome Measures for Adults with Neurologic Conditions 

This clinical practice guideline (CPG) was developed in an effort to streamline assessments utilized across patients with neurologic conditions. The guidelines establish the minimum measures needed to quantify function in the constructs of balance, walking speed, walking endurance/distance and transfer ability. These measures should be performed on all patients with neurologic diagnoses who have goals and the capacity to improve in these areas. The core measures should be utilized across all settings and time points (e.g. acute, inpatient, outpatient, home-health, skilled nursing). In addition, physical therapy students should be educated in administration and performance of these measures.  The Core Measures CPG publication, which has been affirmed to have value to physiatrists (AAPM&R) and the American Society of Neurorehabilitation, can be found here.
The Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy has appointed a Knowledge Translation Task Force for the Core Outcome Measures CPG in collaboration with the CPG Work Group. The goal of the Task Force is to provide clinicians, administrators, educators, students, and researchers with tools to implement the core measures into practice. This Taskforce has developed a summary reference of the CPG and set of standardized administration protocols for each recommended core measure in the CPG, with consideration of the most recent scientific evidence.  Please check back for additional products which are under development. These finalized products are available below.  
AAPMR Endorsement          ASNR endorsement

Knowledge Translation Report Card and Simplified Version of Knowledge Translation Report Card  for Patient Education and Shared Decision Making

Spanish Version: Reporte de Movimiento

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Core Outcome Measures CPG Work Group
Group leader: Jenni Moore


Contact Person
Employer/Clinical background and expertise
Jenni Moore PT, DHS, NCS
Advisor to the Regional Center of Knowledge Translation in Rehabilitation
Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital
Oslo/Nesodden, Norway
Jane Sullivan PT, DHS
Associate Professor
Department of Physical Therapy & Human Movement Sciences
Feinberg Medical School, Northwestern University
645 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 1100
Chicago, IL, 60611
Kirsten Potter PT, DPT, MS
Professor and Director of Curriculum and Assessment
Tufts University
DPT - Seattle


Core Outcome Measures CPG Knowledge Translation Taskforce

Maggie Bland (Co-Chair) PT, DPT 
Amelia Siles (Co-Chair) PT, DPT
Libby Anderl PT, DPT
Megan Eikenberry PT, DPT
Arlene McCarthy PT, MS, DPT
Genevieve Olivier PT, PhD candidate, DPT
Teresa Rice PT, MPH, EdD
Wendy Romney PT, DPT, PhD candidate
Hallie Zelenik PT, DPT
*Of Note, All Task Force members are Board-certified Neurologic Physical Therapy Clinical Specialists


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