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Clinical Excellence

The purpose of the award is to honor an outstanding clinician whose major professional practice falls within the area of neurologic physical therapy. The nominee must be a current member of the Neurology Section. The nominee must have been engaged in a full-time clinical practice for at least five years that primarily serves patients within the area of neurology. The nominee must be currently treating neurologic patients. The nominee must be a mentor, engaged in advancing the clinical expertise of others and have contributed to the overall development of physical therapy as a caring and scientific profession through clinical research or case studies; presentations at continuing education, in-services, or conferences; program development; or publications on neurologic physical therapy.

Past Recipients

  • 2023 Laura Haritage Lenhart, PT, DPT, NCS
  • 2021 Sara Crandall, PT, DPT, NCS
  • 2020 Rachelle Studer-Byrnes, PT, DPT, NCS
  • 2019 Julie Hershberg, PT, DPT
  • 2018 Amber Walter, PT, DPT, NCS  
  • 2017 Jillian MacDonald, PT, DPT, NCS
  • 2016 Rachel Tappan, PT, DPT, NCS
  • 2015 Heidi Roth, PT, DHS, MSPT, NCS
  • 2014 Janene Holmberg, PT, DPT, NCS
  • 2013 Dana McPhee, PT, MS, NCS
  • 2012 Janet Callahan, PT, MS, NCS
  • 2011 Mike Studenr, PT, MS, NCS
  • 2010 Kathie Klerk, PT, PhD
  • 2009 Diane Nichols, PT, NCS
  • 2008 M Kay Wing, PT, DPT, GCS, NCS
  • 2007 Walter Weiss, PT, MS, NCS
  • 2006 Kristin Parlman, PT, PhD
  • 2005 Laura Morris, PT, NCS
  • 2004 Susan L. Whitney, PT, PhD, NCS
  • 2003 Sarah A. Morrison, PT, BS
  • 2002 Diane Wrisley, PT, MS, NCS
  • 2001 Kathleen Gill-Body, PT
  • 2000 Susan Ryerson, PT
  • 1999 Not given
  • 1998 Britta Smith, PT
  • 1997 Not awarded
  • 1996 Kenda Fuller, PT
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