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A. The Nominating Committee shall consist of three (3) members. Each member shall serve for three (3) years.

B. One new member shall be elected each year.

C. Members are elected via ballot prior to Annual Conference.

D. The senior member of the committee shall serve as chair, unless otherwise designated by the Board of Directors.

E. The Board of Directors liaison to the committee will be the Secretary.


A. Mission/Overview:

1. The Nominating Committee (NC), together with the Membership Committee, , strives to increase membership, foster early involvement within the Academy, and maintain a pool of qualified individuals willing to serve the Academy within both elected and non-elected capacities in accordance with the mission of the Academy.

2. Through innovative means of personal contact and networks, the Nominating Committee identifies members who are willing to serve in elected & non-elected positions within the Academy and its SIGs.

3. From within this membership pool, the Nominating Committee works to fill elected positions with qualified personnel, while identifying, mentoring, and developing leaders for the future.

B. Year 1 and Year 2 Academy Nominating Committee (NC) members


1.Identifies members willing to serve the Academy for a three year term .

a.Identifies/contacts potential Academy candidates, determines willingness/availability to run, and obtains Consent to Serve prior to CSM as able.

b.Follows up with members interested in running for Academy open positions.

c. Facilitates member involvement in the Academy /SIG activities in conjunction with Membership and the ‘Get Connected’ program.

d. Facilitates development of the Academy and SIG slates, in a coordinated effort between Academy & SIG Nominating Committees.

2. As a liaison between the Academy NC and a designated SIG NC, establishes and maintains communication with the SIG NC chair throughout the year.

a.  Maintains formal (conference call) & informal (voice/email) communication with their assigned SIG NC chair regarding progress at the SIG level, at least quarterly.

b. Funnels any potential SIG candidates to the appropriate SIG NC Chair.

c. Provides report to NC Academy Chair following meeting.

3. Periodically updates from the Executive Director the web-based online Nomination Sign-Up Form for NC team progress and potential candidates for the next election cycle.

a.  If members are having difficulty entering data with direct link at, the NC members will help them to submit their nomination forms.

4. Attends CSM and appropriate Academy meetings, and serves in Academy booth service if possible.

5. Participates in NC Conference calls, as requested.

6. Becomes familiar with all NC procedures.

7. Actively participates in Academy leadership and development.

8. Year 2 member will mentor and support year 1 member

9. Contacts SIG chairs and SIG NC chairs to inform them of election results and assists Executive Director with follow-up phone calls to elected/non- elected individuals as needed.


C.  Nominating Committee Chair (year 3):

1. Serves as liaison to the Academy Board of Directors and Membership Committee.

2. Communicates with the Board of Directors Liaison (Secretary) as necessary and/or required, regarding committee activities and progress towards goals.

3. Attends (or sends prepared alternate to) CSM and all pertinent Board of Directors, Nominating Committee, and Membership Committee meetings.

4. Schedules, arranges (location, time, agenda), conducts, and records all minutes of all NC  meetings including monthly conference calls and meeting at CSM through the Executive Director (conference calls) or Program Chair (CSM).

5. Presents the slate at CSM Section business meeting and requests nominations from the floor.

6. Conducts elections by electronic ballot in conjunction with the Executive Officer and the Telecommunications Committee Chair.

7. Informs the Executive Director of election results and works with the Executive Director to revise letters that will be sent to all candidates informing them of election results.

8.  Submits a committee report to the President prior to the Board of Directors retreat in fall (per Executive Director’s call for reports) of activities and objectives accomplished and strategic goals for the following year. Updates this report as needed in January prior to CSM.

9. Prepares annual budget for expenditures associated with Nominating Committee activities and this office in collaboration with the Finance Committee. (see section III below).

10. Orients successor.

11. Communicates all nominating and election activities with the JNPT Editor and with the Telecommunications Committee Chair (for posting on E- news bulletins and Academy website).

12. Submits “Action Potential” proposal to Scholar One (end of April) or updates the presentation with NC assistance, assigns sections for NC members to present, submits required handouts (January 1st), and delivers presentation at CSM according to a bi-annual cycle.



A. Maintains account of expenses incurred during these duties.

B. Submits expense vouchers to Executive Director within one (1) month of expenditure (on reimbursement forms). Nominating Committee Chair is reimbursed in accordance with the Academy Honoraria and Reimbursement Policy and according to the amount as defined in the annual budget.

C. An annual budget for expenditures associated with this office will be prepared in collaboration with the Finance Committee.


A. The Nominating Committee Chair and Secretary provide for smooth transition by acquainting the successive Chair with pertinent information, materials, and procedures. This should occur within 6 weeks of Annual Conference. Committee chairs (incoming/outgoing) should meet at Annual Conference, or by phone.

B. The template for orientation includes (but is not limited to):

1. mission/vision/goals as appropriate

2. job duties

3. timelines

4. current initiatives

5. current challenges (e.g., use select sections of Policy & Procedure manual such as job description, calendar, strategic plan)

6. role as mentor to others, including newly elected members

C. Committee chairs should be contacted by Board liaison to formalize relationship, review template, answer questions, establish communication schedule/mechanism (by end of August). In order to preserve institutional memory the outgoing Chair should contact the incoming Chair every 2 months as needed prior to the first CSM. New committee members should be contacted by the Chair within 6 weeks of appointment. The Chair will maintain a binder with necessary documents to pass to the successive Chair.

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