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Vestibular Hypofunction Clinical Practice Guideline

The scope of this CPG is to evaluate the effectiveness of vestibular rehabilitation in persons with peripheral vestibular hypofunction.  You can find the full article here. The ANPT Knowledge Translation taskforce for this CPG has provided summaries and algorithms to assist clinicians. These additional resources include:

Additional resources can be found on PTNow including the CPG+ (a brief appraisal of the CPG. It includes quality ratings, highlights, and “Check Your Practice” tips), and a video abstract by the lead author. (Note that APTA membership login is required to access PTNow).

Vestibular CPG Work Group
Group lead: Courtney Hall

Contact Person
Employer/Clinical background and expertise
Courtney Hall PT, PhD
Associate Professor, East Tennessee State University
Johnson City, TN
Sue Whitney PT, PhD, NCS, ATC
Professor, University of Pittsburgh, School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences, Pittsburgh, PA
Susan Herdman PT, PhD, FAPTA
Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, Emory University
Center for Rehabilitation Medicine, Atlanta, GA


Vestibular CPG Knowledge Translation Taskforce

Sara MacDowell PT, DPT (chair):
Elizabeth Dannenbaum PT, MS
Linda D'Silva, PT, PhD
Lisa Farrell, PT, PhD, ATC
Heidi Roth, PT, DHS, NCS
Karen M. Skop, PT, DPT
Julie Tilson, PT, DPT, MS, NCS

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