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State of the Research: Epidural Stimulation After SCI

"Spinal Cord Epidural Stimulation for Voluntary Movement After Spinal Cord Injury: Current State of the Research" is a summary of recent advances in epidural stimulation after spinal cord injury. This summary is a brief description of the current research with a detailed reference list from authors: Andrew Smith, PT, DPT, PhD; Candace Tefertiller, PT, DPT; Meghan Joyce, PT, DPT; Rachel Tappan, PT, DPT; Alex Lubahn, PT, DPT; Celisa Hahn, PT, DPT; and Enrico Rejc, PhD. Check it out!


SCI SIG Podcast: Discussions in SCI Science (DiSCIS)

Check out our new podcast! Rachel Tappan, PT, DPT interviews Andrew Smith, PT, DPT, PhD about his 2018 study, "Lateral Corticospinal Tract Damage Correlates with Motor Output in Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury." Available on iTunes here.


2020 ANPT Awards

The ANPT Awards Committee is seeking individuals to be nominated for Awards!  Awards include: Early Career Professional; Excellence in Neurologic Education; Service to the Academy; PT and PTA Clinical Excellence in Neurologic PT; Award for Excellence in Neurologic Research; Outstanding Clinical Innovator in Neurologic PT; and Outstanding Advocacy in Neurologic PT.  Nominations are due September 1.  Click here for more information, or to nominate someone you know! 


ANPT Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs)

Did you know that the ANPT has developed CPGs on topics like Locomotor Training and Core Outcome Measures (to be used in Neurologic Physical Therapy)?  Check them out here

Are you already using the Core Outcome Measures CPG?  The Core Outcome Measures KT Taskforce wants to know what you think!  Complete this brief survey to help them understand your knowledge, barriers, and use of the core measures in clinical practice and in DPT and post-professional education. The results of this survey will be used to create tools and maximize implementation of the CPG across neurologic physical therapy. 


SCI Fact Sheets

The SCI SIG has developed several 1-2 page fact sheets on a variety of SCI related topics for SCI clinicians and/or their patients.  Check them out here!  

If you are interested in helping with Fact Sheet development, or have a topic of interest you would like to see covered in a future Fact Sheet, please contact Rachel Tappan!  


SCI Health and Wellness White Paper

Meghan Joyce, PT, DPT, Cathy Larson, PT, PhD, and Rachel Tappan, PT, DPT have written a white paper titled "Bridging the Gap Between Physical Therapy and Long-Term Physical Activity and Training in People with SCI:  Recommendations from the SCI Special Interest Group".  

These guidelines were written to help educate and provide recommendations for people with SCI and physical therapists treating people with SCI about continued physical activity after rehabilitation.   

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please contact Cathy Larson!  


Development of Evidence Based Documents

The APTA has created a document you may find useful, which outlines the development of Evidence Based Documents, including definitions for types of evidence based documents (i.e. Clinical Practice Guideline, White Paper, etc.) and recommendations for how to develop evidence based documents.


SCI EDGE Outcome Measure Recommendations

The SCI Edge Task Force met and reviewed hundreds of applicable resources for clinicians and developed recommendations for outcome measure used in clinical practice, research, and entry level physical therapist education.  See their full recommendations, as well as the EDGE process, here!  

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