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    1. Serves as a voting member of the Academy’s Board of Directors.
    2. Partners with the Executive Director to ensure minutes are recorded of all Academy Business and Board of Directors meetings, and Strategic Planning/Leadership Retreats.
    3. Ensures minutes of the annual business meeting are submitted to APTA in timely manner per the Academy bylaws.
    4. Partners with the Executive Director to maintain a record of all official actions and decisions of the Board of Directors.
    5. Ensures all Board meeting minutes are distributed to the Board of Directors and approved at subsequent Board meeting.
    6. Submits minutes of previous annual business meetings to the membership at the following business meeting.
    7. Serves as liaison between the Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee, Awards Committee, and Historian Committee.
    8. Coordinates maintenance of Academy archives with the Executive Director.
    9. Initiates and prepares bylaw changes with the Board of Directors; disseminates proposed and approved bylaws changes to the membership.
      1. Writes amendments to the bylaws as requested by the Board of Directors.
      2. Submits proposed bylaw changes to the APTA Parliamentarian to be reviewed to ensure that the Academy bylaws are in agreement with APTA bylaws.
      3. Notifies Academy members of proposed amendments at least thirty (30) days in advance of annual business meeting at which the proposed amendments are to be considered.
      4. Presents proposed bylaw changes to the membership at annual business meeting as necessary.
      5. When the Association bylaws have been amended so as to require amendments to the Academy bylaws (refer to Academy bylaws), the Secretary shall prepare the necessary amendments and submit them to the Board of Directors for approval.
      6. Copies of amendments, that do not require a vote by the membership (refer to Academy bylaws), shall be sent to the membership via the Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy or Academy e-news
    10. Coordinates updating of Policy & Procedures Manual with the Executive Director for distribution annually to all Academy leaders, including officers, committee chairs, and task force chairs.
    11. Coordinates updating of the mission, vision, and strategic plan of the Academy with the Executive Director. Distributes updated documents to all Academy leaders and membership.
    12. Ensures committee leadership reports have been documented and submitted to the executive office bi-annually based on the approved reporting calendar. Reports to be shared with the Board of Directors to ensure organization is working towards strategic initiatives.


    1. Submits expense reimbursement requests to the Executive Director, within ninety (90) days of the expenditure. The Secretary will be reimbursed in accordance with the Academy’s Honoraria and Reimbursement Policy and according to the amount as defined in the annual budget.
    2. Develops and submits annual budget requests for Academy liaison committees.
    3. Monitors related budget areas of the Academy throughout the year and in collaboration with the Treasurer. Responds to specific financial inquires related to Academy liaison committees.




    1. The Secretary provides for smooth transition by acquainting the newly elected Secretary with pertinent information, materials, and procedures, including a copy of the current Policy and Procedure Manual.This should occur within six (6) weeks of election. The template for orientation includes, but is not limited to:
      1. mission/vision/core values/strategic initiatives
      2. job duties
      3. timelines
      4. current secretarial initiatives
      5. current challenges
      6. role as mentor to others, including newly elected Board members and
      7. committee liaisons
    2. Both the incoming and outgoing Secretary should attend the June Board of Directors meeting, if possible. In order to preserve institutional memory, it is encouraged that the outgoing Secretary meet with new Secretary over the course of the transition months between the election and July 1, with the outgoing Secretary consulted on an as needed basis in following months.

 Updated July 2019


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