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A. Consistent with Academy's goals and the strategic plan, steers and coordinates Academy's Communications efforts including acting as a liaison to the following committees: Telecommunications, Advocacy and Consumer Affairs and Member and Public Relations.

B. Work collaboratively with the Board of Directors and Academy's SIGs and Committee’s to develop outreach strategies that effectively target the needs of all key audiences.

C. Introduce new and creative approaches to expand the Academy’s name recognition and outreach to key audiences.

D. Advocate skillfully and strategically for the use of print media and electronic technologies to advance the Academy’s mission and strategic plan.

E. Work collaboratively with the Board and Academy's SIGs and Committee’s to oversee the development, design, production, and editorial direction of effective print, electronic, web and video communications developed by the organization.

F. Keep key audiences informed about Academy's activities impacting neurologic physical therapy practice.

G. In partnership with the Academy's Executive and Board of Directors, oversee, provide direction and monitor public relations efforts for the Academy.

H. Serves as a voting member of the Academy's Board of Directors.

I. Coordinates electronic or conference calls with Telecommunications Committee, Advocacy Committee and Member/PR Committee at least twice per year.

J. Submits a committee report to the President prior to the Board of Directors retreat in fall (per Executive Director’s call for reports) of activities and objectives accomplished and strategic goals for the following year. Updates this report as needed in January prior to CSM.


A. Submits expense vouchers to the Executive Director, on reimbursement request forms, within one (1) month of the expenditure.

B. Maintains account of expenses incurred during these duties.  The Director of Communications will be reimbursed in accordance with the Academy’s Honoraria and Reimbursement Policy and according to the amount as defined in the annual budget.

C.An annual budget for any expenditure associated with this office will be prepared in collaboration with the Finance Committee.


A. The Director of Communications provides for smooth transition by acquainting the newly elected Director of Communications with pertinent information, materials, and procedures. This should occur within 6 weeks of election, and the two should review information by telephone prior to the June Board meeting. The template for orientation includes (but is not limited to):

1. mission/vision/goals as appropriate

2. job duties

3. timelines

4. current initiatives

5. current challenges (e.g., use select Academy's of Policy & Procedure manual such as job description, calendar, strategic plan)

6. role as mentor to others, including newly elected Board members, SIG officers and Committee liaisons.

B. Both the incoming and outgoing Director of Communications should attend the June Board planning meeting if possible.

C. The Director of Communications also coordinates the orderly transition of Telecommunication Committee leadership. In order to preserve institutional memory, the outgoing Director of Communications should contact the incoming every 2 months or so as needed until the first CSM meeting.

Updated 2014

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