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Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy Strategic Plan 2018-2022


Empower our members to optimize movement system performance for those impacted by neurologic conditions.


To be the leading innovators in neurologic physical therapy practice, education, and research.  


  • Service - To the profession and to those we serve
  • Knowledge translation - To connect evidence to care and care to evidence
  • Innovation - To drive advancements in research, education, and practice
  • Collaboration - To pursue meaningful partnerships
  • Professional development - To grow leaders in the profession


1. Translating evidence into practice to ensure high value care with input from practitioners to inform future research

Action Steps

  • Implement “clinical point of view” within all JNPT articles
  • Through a national campaign, disseminate one critical, high impact area of evidence to clinicians and educators
  • Develop and deliver educational training materials on utilizing and implementing research evidence into didactic instruction and practice
  • Development of clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) and other evidence-based documents targeted toward clinically relevant questions
  • Knowledge translation activities to support the implementation of CPGs into practice
  • Knowledge translation training and grants to support specific knowledge translation projects
  • Growth of the Synapse Education Center through development of online educational opportunities that disseminate research findings and support clinical needs
  • Ongoing commitment to face-to-face educational offerings which meet clinician needs and grow academy leaders
  • First ever, International Vestibular conference bringing together interdisciplinary researchers, educators, and practitioners 

2. Improving communications within ANPT and with providers of physical therapy to ensure access to education, networking and key resources.

Action Steps

  • Create efficient systems for training, orientating, and documentation (policy) access for leadership and new members (e.g. welcome packets, prioritize and disseminate key components)
  • Leverage student engagement/excitement to improve social media presence
  • Develop strategies for dissemination of information to enhance practice (to members and non- members) considering use of students to assist
  • Increasing outreach to members through special interest group activities, bringing key practice knowledge to the field
  • Ongoing commitment to encourage dialog between researchers and clinicians


3. Communicating and collaborating with external stakeholders to advance practice, policy, research and education for those impacted by neurologic conditions.

Action Steps

  • Hire a public relations expert
  • Develop accessible resources for consumers
  • Strengthen and formalize ambassador/liaison programs
  • Development of health and wellness resources to support the needs of the people we serve
  • Increasing depth and breadth of advocacy efforts to influence the climate impacting practice, education, and research
4.  Advancing clinical practice through PTA advanced proficiency and PT specialization, residency and fellowship development and sustainability.


Action Steps

  • Develop a neurologic advanced proficiency pathway for physical therapist assistants
  • Fund grans to support development of neurologic residence programs


ANPT Strategic Plan 2018-2022

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