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2023 Anne Shumway-Cook Lectureship Award Recipient

by Amanda Kayser | Apr 12, 2022

Dr. Field-Fote is the Director, Spinal Injury Research & The Hulse Spinal Injury Laboratory at the Shepherd Center and her academic appointments include Professor, Emory University School of Medicine, Division of Physical Therapy, and Professor of the Practice, Georgia Institute of Technology, Program in Applied Physiology.

Dr. Field-Fote has made distinguished contributions to neurorehabilitation research in the area of rehabilitation for spinal cord injury (SCI). In her role the Director of SCI Research at Shepherd Center, Dr. Field-Fote leads a team dedicated to improving motor function and reducing impairment in persons with SCI via clinically accessible neuromodulation approaches. For over 2 decades, Dr. Field-Fote’s work has been funded by the NIH, DOD, and NIDILRR, and she has served as a reviewer for these and other funding agencies.

Dr. Field-Fote is the Project Director of the NIDILRR-funded Southeastern Regional SCI Model System and is the co-PI of the NIH-funded program Training in Grantsmanship in Rehabilitation Research.

In 2021, Dr. Field-Fote concluded her service as the Chair of the NIH National Advisory Board on Medical Rehabilitation Research. Dr. Field-Fote has previously been recognized with research awards including the APTA Eugene Michaels New Investigator Award, APTA Chattanooga Research Award, APTA Maley Award for Outstanding Leadership in Research, and ANPT Excellence in Research Award.

Dr. Field-Fote is to present a lecture at the 2023 CSM in San Diego!

Edelle Field Fote


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