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Anee E. Palermo, PT, DPT

Mary Lou Barnes Award

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Congratulations to Dr. Palermo on being awarded the Mary Lou Barnes Award.

Dr. Palermo describes her inspiration for becoming a Physical Therapist and her reason for continuing her education toward a PhD is her uncle with a cervical spinal cord injury. He was the first participant in her first dissertation study and states, “I’m forever grateful to him for answering every question I ask and for his continued support.”

She reveals, “My favorite part about working with individuals who have neurologic conditions is being able to help them restore their self-confidence. I love what I do - helping someone recognize their abilities when so much of the world focuses on their disabilities will never get old!”

Her passion has been supported through PODS I and II scholarships provided by the ANPT and FPTR with the ability to explore novel questions pertaining to Neuro PT.

Dr. Palermo is active in both clinical and academic roles with the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.  For academia, she teaches Neurological Evaluation for the SPTs and lectures in the Neurological and Cardiopulmonary Residencies. For the last four years, she has been working on her PhD at The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis studying the relationships between breathing, balance, and cardiovascular autonomic function in people with SCI.  She is studying under Dr. Larry Cahalin, PT, PhD, and Dr. Mark Nash, PhD. In addition to dissertation studies, she has provided skilled therapeutic interventions for clinical trials including the Schwann Cell Clinical Trial, a brain machine interface trial, and, currently, a clinical trial with the BrainQ device. Since the COVID-19 pandemic her role has changed to include both tele-research sessions with individuals in these studies and educational outreach to the SCI community.


Recommended resources:

Miami Project creation and compilation of COVID-19 related resources for individuals with SCI.


COVID/SCI Fact Sheet and Discussion:




“I created a video to educate people with SCI (and really anyone that watches) on Respiratory Muscle Training to prepare for COVID-19. The shorter video was made for people looking for education, while the longer video goes more into the literature. They have both been translated into Spanish. We attempted to spread the word by creating a #see10breathe10challenge, because this really could be helpful to anyone at risk of COVID.”


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Thank you for your service and passion!


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