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Prevent Falls Challenge

Competition objectives

To increase awareness regarding the role of physical therapists in decreasing injurious falls within the community; and

To provide physical therapy students with a meaningful experience that strengthens their passion towards the profession.


Competition Rules

  • Video Theme is to answer one of the following questions:
    • How do physical therapists decrease injurious falls within the community?
    • What are some patient education techniques that you have used in the clinic to prevent falls?
    • What are some novel treatment techniques that you have utilized in the clinic to prevent falls?
  • Video should be a minimum of 30 seconds and no longer than 45 seconds in length
  • Once the submitted videos and applications are reviewed they will be posted to the ANPT Balance and Falls Special Interest Group (SIG) Facebook Page and Twitter Accounts October 11th
  • Only 1 video per school will be allowed to enter the competition. If there are multiple student videos within one school, we recommend to hold a sub-competition and advance only one winner video towards the #fallpreventionchallenge from that school.
  • To win, “LIKE” and “SHARE” the original video. Points are awarded as follows: 1pt for a “Like”, 3pts for a “Share” or “Retweet”
  • Be sure to include the hashtag: #fallpreventionchallenge in your “share” or “retweet”
  • A leaderboard with the running total for each school will be kept on the ANPT Balance and Falls SIG website and updated weekly
  • The video that gets the most points combined will receive $500 from the ANPT Balance and Falls SIG. The money will be given to the school to use towards future fundraising efforts for the students (example: National Student Conclave, or Combined Sections Meeting).  The winning video producers will be recognized in our November BFSIG newsletter.

Submission Guidelines 

  • Videos should be submitted directly to
  • Video format should be MOV or MP4.
  • Please include School, Student Name(s), and Title of Video (see section below)
  • Video submission should also include a separate document (.doc) with subtitles to the video that will be added when it is posted on social media platforms
  • After the video is uploaded to Facebook and Twitter you will receive an email with links to share with your school so that they can further share the video
  • For Application Click Here

Ideas to create videos



Competition Begins: September 1
Applications with Supporting Materials Due: September 30
Review of submissions by ANPT Balance and Falls SIG Competition Committee: October 1-10
Videos posted on Social Media Platforms: October 11
"Likes" and "Shares/Retweets" Gathered: October 12-November 15
Announcement of Winner: November 20

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