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Recognition of Advanced Proficiency in Neuromuscular Physical Therapy

Note:  Effective February 2016, the  Recognition of Advanced Proficiency program was discontinued, and replaced by the Advanced Proficiency Pathways (APP) program. Please see details at

The PTA Recognition of Advanced Proficiency Program recognizes physical therapist assistants (PTAs) who have achieved advanced proficiency through education, experience, leadership and as part of the PT/PTA team in a specified area of work: acute care, aquatic, cardiovascular/pulmonary, education, geriatric, integumentary, musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, oncology, and/or pediatric physical therapy. This brand signifies that the recipient has gone above and beyond entry-level education in their selected area of work and sets the recipient apart from other providers. Recently added category of work now being recognized: Education

The benefits of attaining this recognition of advanced proficiency in a given area of work include:

  • Increased confidence in the provision of patient care.
  • External recognition from APTA.
  • Reinforcement of life-long learning.
  • Distinction that assists with career advancement.

Successful applicants will receive a Certificate of Advanced Proficiency suitable for framing and a lapel pin. This achievement will be recognized publicly in PT in Motion, and at APTA's Conference and Exposition Honors and Awards Celebration and Reception.
APTA and the PTA Recognition Workgroup are proud of this initiative specifically for PTA members. Should you require further information or have questions, call 800/999-2782, ext. 8514; 808/756-9139; or e-mail



Requirements for Recognition of Advanced Proficiency in Neuromuscular Physical Therapy

Physical Therapist Assistants who meet the following minimum requirements are eligible for APTA's Recognition of Advanced Proficiency for the Physical Therapist Assistant.

Requirements Evidence
APTA Membership  Current APTA Member

Five (5) years of work experience that must include a minimum of 2,000 hours total and at least 500 hours in the past year in Neuromuscular physical therapy practice.

Continuing Education 

Completion of at least 60 contact hours (6 CEUs) of continuing education in physical therapy within the last five (5) years. Continuing education must include a minimum of:

  • 6 contact hours (.6 CEUs) per year for the five years prior to application
  • 75 % or forty-five (45) hours must be in neuromuscular physical therapy
  • Continuing education must be related to physical therapy and within the scope of work of the PTA as defined by APTA standards, policies, and positions and the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice. Continuing education may include topics that are both clinical and non-clinical.
Job Performance

Consistent, above-average job performance within the PT/PTA team verified through a letter of reference from a supervising physical therapist.

Community Service/Leadership Evidence of involvement in at least three activities that demonstrate the applicant’s leadership abilities and contributions to their employer, profession, and/or community.



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