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Autonomous Practice

The Neurology Section 2006-2010 Strategic Plan includes the following:  Objective 1.5. Promote autonomous practice in neurologic physical therapy by defining a model of autonomous neurologic physical therapy practice.  This objective is aligned with Goal 1. Advance neurologic physical therapy practice at all levels of clinical mastery within an evidence-based context.

In response to this objective, the Section Practice Committee held a panel and open forum on Autonomous Practice in Neurologic Physical Therapy at APTA’s Combined Sections Meeting in 2008.  Critical elements of such a practice model emerged from the forum.  Based on the forum, consensus, and other important documents, the Committee drafted a statement on autonomous practice which was subsequently approved by the Section Board of Directors in 2009.

The primary purposes of this statement are to: (1) apply the definition of autonomous practice from APTA’s Vision 2020 to neurologic physical therapy across all settings, and (2) show that autonomous practice is not an unattainable, esoteric ideal, but rather a professional behavior that may be demonstrated within all levels of experience.

Read the Practice Committee's statement on Autonomous Practice