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In the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy, we provide leadership and volunteer opportunities through involvement in Section committees, SIGs, or special work groups. 

In the Spring of each year, we put out a call for volunteers to fill open committee positions.  You may watch for that call, or, if you know of a work group you are interested in, let us know now and we’ll add your name to those being considered each Spring. 

We also keep a pool of those interested in volunteering.  When we have a call for volunteers for special projects, we consult the names in the pool along with others who step up at the time of the call when matching individuals to the project needs. We keep the names in the pool for three years.

So help us help you get involved with the Academy.  Watch for the call for volunteers or complete the form below now.  Be sure to provide sufficient detail about your interests and experience so that we find the best fit for you and the section needs. 

Current ANPT Volunteer Opportunities Updated 11.1.19


I would like to volunteer for the following committee(s) or with micro-projects.

For help with your selections, see the committee or project descriptions below.


Committee Descriptions:

Advocacy and Consumer Affairs – focuses on public policy, legislation, and consumer education – we especially are in need of individuals interested in consumer and public education and health literacy

Awards – publicizes Section awards and selects winners on a yearly basis

CSM Programming - approves and manages ANPT programming at the Combined Sections Meeting.

Digital Communications – develops and maintains electronic communications (e-news, website, etc.)

Evidence-based Advisory -  helps to oversee the development of evidence based documents with appointed work groups; members should have knowledge of processes for developing and reviewing evidence based documents

Finance – works with the Treasurer to manage Section budget and investments

Health Promotion Wellness - work to disseminate information to ANPT members and outside organization from materials this committee creates focused on Health Promotion Wellness

Historian – preserves the history of the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy – need assistance with archiving at APTA and also interviewing/photographing

Membership/Public Relations – publicizes the benefits of membership to increase number of members

News - create the Action Potential newsletter that releases 2x a month

Nominating - recruit ANPT members to fill open Board of Director and Committee positions

Online Education Team - work with teams to create content for the Synapse Education Center. Either as an liaison to organize the process or tech team to do the program of the materials into the learning platform

Practice – advances neurologic practice through member education and other initiatives 

Research – promotes research by members and selects abstracts for presentations at CSM

Specialization & Advance Proficiency – promotes and supports members in becoming ABPTS certified

For questions, please contact:

Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy
Attn: Executive Officer 
5841 Cedar Lake Road S. Ste 204
Minneapolis, MN 55416

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